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ICF Professional Certified Coach 

Meet Lorinda

I have been in the health and wellness industry for over 30 years as an athlete, coach, personal trainer, physical therapy clinician and fitness studio business owner. I carry this expertise into my coaching, helping you move forward to achieving your most important goals. Each session is self-driven, encouraging you to be open to your thoughts, feelings, and circumstances.


I have always been curious by what helps people flourish and this has led to my career as an International Coaching Federation certified coach and mentor with over 2,800 coaching hours completed. I also facilitate "Inspire Breathwork," which consists of Conscious Connected Breathing, Ontological Mindfulness and Ecological (O.M.E.) coaching along with your breathwork sessions. My work is focuses on inspiring people to maximize their personal and professional potential by partnering with them to navigate the demands of everyday life. Our sessions have the possibility to create a balance of mind, body and spirit, gain more confidence to live life according to your core values and to cultivate practices that increase your wellbeing and vitality.

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I am also the Director of Programs and Mentor for both Ideal Coaching Global (ICG) and Advanced Training Executive Coaching (ICG Advanced) where I manage the programs for our international schools, teach the ICF Core Competencies, mentor students and coaches in their pursuits. My passion and purpose is in making a positive impact globally, through each student and coach, thereby creating a ripple effect that becomes a tsunami worldwide.

Ideal Coaching Global is more that just another coaching school. We are a school of philosophy and language, effectiveness and communication, inquiry and expansion. Our curriculum is developed and taught by master coaches and is internationally renowned as being thought leaders in the industry. Our team of expert coaches and philosophers provide both rigorous theoretical and practical training by offering a holistically-designed package of webinars, study-groups, conferences, hands-on exercises, mentorship, and business consulting.

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