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Inspire Breathwork

Combining conscious, connected breathing and coaching.

An Intro to Breathwork

Beneath our thoughts and what is conscious, lies the world of the subconscious and emotional material that is the basis of our conditioning. How do we get free of something we cannot see? Take a deep dive into the unknown and physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of who you are. Inspire Breathwork is a chance to explore non-ordinary states of consciousness using a proven, known, safe and drug-free methodology. This technology is now at the forefront of personal growth and will take you places that provide clear insight into your identity, your life, your relationships, and your connection with the divine. What's more, it will take you where you need to go, but only when you are ready to go there.

The breath is the breath, visible and invisible, the outer and inner breath. The outer breath is air: oxygen and carbon dioxide. The inner breath refers to energy.  Everyone is breathing the same bubble of air that surrounds this planet. The breath connects us to nature and each other in the most intimate way, and it connects us all to our source, to our creator in the most direct way.  It is fuel, nourishment and intelligence.  It is alive; it is life itself and sustains us.  It is living in you, it is living around you, and it is living through you. You are not only living your life; your life is living you! Breath is the most ordinary thing, and it is the most extraordinary thing!  We take it for granted, and we generally give it no thought at all.  Breathing is so simple, so essential, and so familiar that we tend to underestimate it; we tend to overlook it.

“The breath is a door. It is the rainbow bridge! The breath connects the mind to the body, the conscious mind to the unconscious, and the "superconscious" mind. It connects us to the earth and heaven.” – Breathwork Facilitator Trainer, Benicio Farina, CEO of Inspirare


There are many different breathwork modalities. I do Inspire Breathwork, which is a combination of Conscious Connected Breathing, Ontological, Mindfulness and Ecological Coaching with your breathwork sessions. Inspire Breathwork is a healing modality that uses simple controlled breath patterns to take you into a deep state of consciousness that provides a fast-track to emotional healing. If you’re looking to be an active and engaged part of your own healing, breathwork is a great choice! I’m interested in supporting people as they reconnect and remember their connection to their own wise inner healer.

What to Expect with Breathwork

We will start with a discovery call to help frame our work together as well as set any intentions. I will then teach you the active breath pattern and we will move into the breathwork portion of the session. I'm there to guide you through the 60-minute breath practice with guidance and music to help keep you focused on the breath. We will close with reflection and resources to continue integrating your results. Each person experiences breathwork differently but some common experiences include tingling, vibrating, temperature changes, sense of weight or lightness and/ or a floating sensation, and emotional release.

After your discovery call, each session moving forward will require two hours of uninterrupted time. We will begin with coaching, followed by Inspire Breathwork. The practice does ask you to dig deep, show up to, and take responsibility for your own healing, with the guidance and support of me. It's powerful! It requires your full participation.

Afterwards you might feel energized, clear, calm, and connected. This practice is one of my very favorites for physical, emotional, spiritual, and energetic release, expansion, and deeper sense of embodiment and presence.

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